Closet Furniture Manufacturing Software

One of our clients needed custom software that could calculate costing for the line of closet furniture they manufacture for orders and quotes. There is a total of ten different furniture models, each with their own options. Some models have drawers, some have regular shelves, some have shoe shelves etc. As each model is selected, an image of that model is shown.



  • Bill of Materials:  Cost for each piece of furniture is calculated as item options are selected
  • Multi-level Sell Prices
  • Customer Quote: Automatically generated
  • Cut List: A list of every piece that requires cutting for the order (all pieces of melamine, closet rods, etc.)
  • Pick List: All pieces of hardware on one list for warehouse staff
  • Inventory Report: Complete list of all components and quantities used for entire order

Below are a select few screen captures of the software.

Order / Quote Input Screen

From the input and item list created, all paperwork is ready to process the order.
Options available for each type of furniture change as required.
Double clicking on any item in your "Quote / Order Items" list will populate it's information into the input section.

Automated Quote

The Customer Quote

The quote is auto-generated with no lines to hide and no formatting required. The header (not shown) includes the company logo and contact information when printed.

Manufacturing and Quoting Software

The Order Report

All parts are listed with their associated item number. This helps warehouse staff pack everything so it is easy for installers to locate parts.