Window Blind Manufacturing Software

We have provided many projects involving window blind manufacturing. Some type of blinds we have developed manufacturing software for are rollers, 2 inch horizontals, verticals, romans, honeycomb, panel track and woven woods. Below are some of the features we have included previously, but there are endless possibilities. Each project had it’s own variations but would include some or all of the following:

  • Input: All user input is entered from this one screen.
  • Dynamic Bill of Materials: A dynamic Bill of Materials is created once the user selects all product options. Costs are pulled from the Parts List and calculated to the penny.
  • Parts List: One place to enter in all costing, quickly and easily.
  • Price Chart Generator: Retail price chart is generated by calculating each size of blind through the bill of materials and applying the user’s markup..
  • Customer Quote: Generated automatically from the Input screen.
  • Manufacturing Labels: Shipping and product labels for production.

The video below shows Honeycomb blind quoting software.