Complete costing solutions, custom made for your needs. Generate dynamic bills of materials for your products with minimal input. Get your costs to the penny, instantly. We have an extensive manufacturing background and usually exceed the expectations of our customers. To make this service affordable to virtually all companies, we can develop our applications with VBA and use Excel as the user interface. This significantly cuts down the development time of our applications to a fraction, as Excel has an incredible amount of functionality we reuse. It also makes it easy and flexible for you.

We create costing and manufacturing software that is reasonably priced, custom made to your exact needs, and extremely user friendly because we make it to fit you. We have a strong manufacturing background which enables us to understand and identify with your needs. Besides just a bill of materials, or a cost, many other documents and labels could be automatically generated, depending on what your requirements are. As an example, invoices, purchase orders, shipping labels, quotes, margin reports, etc. Call us to discuss exactly how we may be able to help your business.