Paperwork Automation

Whether it is extracting data from spreadsheets or logs, or making an easier way to process quotes, orders, purchase orders etc. , Alberta Better Business Solutions can help. We have completed projects that included complete quoting / order tracking systems to engineering paperwork to simple spreadsheet templates.

Many businesses have problems using off the shelf software packages for various reasons, yet the price of a custom software solution seems out of reach. One of our recent clients had to consistently quote in various currencies as an example. We provided them with a quoting and order tracking system that cut down their quoting and order related paperwork hours down to 20%

If you are quoting using a spreadsheet or text editor by copying and pasting, there’s a pretty good chance we can help by:

  • Simplifying the process with easy data entry
  • Minimize mistakes by having no formulas to deal with
  • Provide centralized data that is easy to update. An example would be a single Customer List that has all your customer information in it. All documents would pull the customer information such as address etc. from that Customer List.
  • Never have to format paperwork or hide rows

We are experts at listening to your needs and helping make your business easier. Contact us for a free consultation.